Friday Feature - Thou Mayest Business Cards

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Thou Mayest Letterpress Printed Business Cards

Thou Mayest Letterpress Printed Business Cards

We have a letterpress beauty for this weeks Public Friday Feature. Not only were these printed at Public Print but they were also designed in-house here as well for Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters. That may be something not a lot of people know about is the fact that we offer design services as well as print and production. So if you didn't know, you do now! We knew we wanted to letterpress print these cards so we kept that in mind when it came to designing them. We kept it to a simple one color design on the front and back and used brown high grade chipboard to act as another color. We see this a lot where it's expensive to add multiple colors to letterpress printing but you can cheat a little bit and use the paper stock as accent or secondary color to your design. 

In this case we thought the brown chipboard complimented the Thou Mayest brand colors well with the deep navy or almost gray. We hope you enjoy this weeks feature and keep checking back in for more letterpress, print and design inspiration.

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