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Welcome to Public Print and Supply. We are glad  you found your way here. We hope that this initial post will help clarify what Public is and why we exist. Public is a

Kansas City based print shop that specializes in letterpress and screen printing.

Public is founded by Joey Gross which formerly founded and owned Survival Letterpress which was located in Mission, Kansas.

What is Public?

The short answer to that is we are a print shop. We aren’t like most print shops that work in the digital and offset realms. We work more in craft. We use antique printing presses with modern day techniques to achieve beautiful tangible printed pieces. It’s analog. We find a lot of reward in the process of printing. The type of printing we do is very hands on and task oriented. It can also be messy. We make plates, we mix ink, we fix machines. We are very anti “push a button.”

What methods do you use?

Our primary means of print are letterpress and screen printing on flat stock. Letterpress printing involves making a raised relief plate and putting that plate into a press to achieve an “impression” into the paper that we all know a love.

Screen printing involves burning an image into a mesh screen like a stencil and pushing ink through the mesh to create a print. Both methods are one color at a time and can be very labor intensive.

Who do you print for?

We work and service all kinds of customers. We work closely with agencies, wedding stationery designers, graphic designers, couples getting married, small business, etc. Really anyone looking for more “out of the box” style printed materials for their visions.

Why Public?

We wanted to be upfront and let people know right away we are working with them. We are a service and we want to make sure that they know they are invited into the process with us as we work on their materials. We have seen a barrier too often between the customer and the printer and we want to start to break that down. Getting something printed, especially in the letterpress and screen print world, can be a very difficult and intimidating process. We want to invite people along in the process so that it can become more clear what’s going on behind the scenes once we get a file. We are here to educate and not intimidate.

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