About Us

Kansas City Letterpress Shop Public Print

Letterpress goes back to Gutenberg, who invented it, in the 15th century. It's old. That's why we like it.

Public Print is a shop designed around people and print. We want to cater to the process and want to help educate people who are curious about it. Printing can be an intimidating craft that has a sense of mystery about it and our goal, simply, is to break that barrier down and bring people into the trade.

We are masters of analog. In a fast paced digital age we strive to bring the process and craft of printing back into play. We have a mission to invite you into that process to learn about the trade and how it works. We hope that you'll join us in this public venture.

We are inspired by you, your ideas and your creative thinking. It's what keeps us in the shop.

The People

Andrew and Joey of Public Print and Supply Letterpress Studio



Andrew hails from Denver, CO where he and his family lived for severals years while he taught. When they moved to Kansas City it seemed like a natural fit to start a business centered around educating people on a subject that hasn't always been taught very well. Andrew has a knack for socializing and creating an environment that feels inviting and that's what we are trying to cultivate here at Public.



Joey is the former owner of a letterpress studio called Survival Letterpress that had its home base in Mission, KS. He comes from a Graphic Design and Marketing background but ultimately loves putting his design and creative juices into paper. He also loves educating people and creating connection through print, so Public was a great opportunity to do both.

What We Do

Letterpress Printing Ink

We are a full service print and finishing shop based out of the historic West Bottoms in Kansas City, Missouri. 

If it involves paper we can make it happen. We specialize in foil stamping, die-cutting, letterpress printing, embossing and screen printing on flat stock. We work with digital files and from there create a variety of plates to achieve the print goal you are wanting.

Public also caters to the wedding industry as a go-to for wedding invitations and stationery. We try to make that portion of your planning seamless and as painless as possible. We work closely with several wedding invitation designers and also offer design services in-house. From save the dates to day-of printed pieces we have you covered.